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24.August 2018

Hello there,

this one goes out to all musicians who love to be creative and collaborate. This is actually a  kind of audition to be part on my new 2018 Album "Oblivion of Virtuality".

The Album is not a CoolCatCrazy Album, neither Die Energiemaschine, it will be a Frankensnyder, mostly aqoustic guitars, but electric bass, keyboards, drums etc. So far i have writen and recorded 10 Tracks, 2 more are in progress and i would love to have you write them alone, or with me together.
On the first 10 songs i have put down a straight simple pilot beat, some aqoustic guitars and of course the vocals, they are all in english by the way. I will give you separate tracks of each to work with. So you can either lay down some ass kicking, or chilly beats, cool additional aqoustic guitars, you know i love when 2 guitars shuffel :-) a bass with big balls of steel, funky, or heavy, whatever fits the poetry and the feel and some pianos, or strings, again do whatever you think is the coolest to come up with. Also wonderful would be when there are some ladies put' in down additional backing vocals.
The awesomest takes you come up with will be in the final mix, of course you will be mentioned author of your playing for GEMA rights etc.

The goal is to have this album finished by december and released, or even better when some of you have contacts find a other cool label for it then that where i release the music in the moment. The biggest goal is definately to play it live and that would be just a dream to do that with you :-)!

I think the best is to start with "Man up" one of the first trackes i came up with.

So contact me on facebook, or here for the separate takes and get the groove on, i am exited where it will lead :-) and who will participate.

Rock' n Roll everybody, cheers Frankensnyder

 Februar and March 2018

i wrote and recorded in 6 weeks 10 songs for the new 2018 Frankensnyder album "Oblivion of Virtuality".

20.November 2017

Well i was creative and wrote the poetry for a new Frankensnyder album too, it came on all in english again :-)

18.November 2017

I am currently writing the poetry for a new CoolCatCrazy album, gonna start working on the music as ussual for xmas, it is gonna get harder.

18. November 2017

Malcom Young

The world lost thier awesomest and most significant Rhythymguitarplayer, i am crying. He allways will be a huge part in my heart as long as i life. I let him go and be honoured to have lived in his time, to see him rock, to witness his great band. Now he will play with Bon Scott again, he was waiting so long.

Rock on Brother don't rest in peace, ROCK IN PEACE