Friday 7.9.2018 - Frankensnyder at Passagenfest in Leipzig

Friday 27.7.2018 Frankensnyder Bloodmoon show on Modersohn Bridge with new trackes from the new album in progress.

From Spring 2018 untill Fall when the weather is sunny and no rain you will find Frankensnyder at the Modersohn Bridge in Friedrichshain, or at Eastside Gallery, at Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg on the little hill on the end of the Park, at Mauer Park in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin to sunset, or in late afternoon, just check on facebook for announcments. Be surprised if there will be Frankensnyder, Die Energiemaschine, or CoolCatCrazy songs performed, you definately gonna have a peak in the new Frankensnyder album ;-)

Friday  19.01.2018  -  Frankensnyder at Bi Nuu as part of Emergenza Festival

Saturday  20.01.2018  -  CoolCatCrazy at Bi Nuu as part of Emergenza Festival

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