Thrill me

Thrill me

Is the last Machine album, perhaps the most poppy, climax is the last song with an improvised solo guitar recorded in one take.

Ist das letzte Maschine Album, perhaps das poppigste, Höhepunkt ist der letzte Song, eine in einem take aufgenommene Gitarren Jam.

Album Introduction

1 Big Bang

This is the Intro track of 'Thrill me'. A pumping, hope giving"Symphonic" mid tempo piece with some Grungie Guitars and a lot of Ghost notes. Watch for the Chestripping, Mindsipping Guitarriff near the end and see the Harmoniumnurse it sewing together again.

2 Feelya love

That is the Masterpiece of the Album, again a mid tempo track, with pushing Bassline and some of Die Energiemaschine typical crushing down Stone bassdrums. be aware not to be rolled over by a lavine of allways morphing Beatz. This track is Love for me, a little sad, but with all the Hope you would put in it.

3 Draculina

Is a remix of Dracula track from the first Maschine Album. It is to be said that the original is about 20 minutes long and i had to keep it short so we can make a low budget Video for it. The Video by the way is awesome :-) Here we have a drowning Bassline and some sick Frankensnyder Guitars. 

4 Move your Ass

Well as the track's name say's, try not to think to much, just move your ass. It is probably the little darker piece of the Album, rather trippy and sci-fi-ish. You easyly can put your self in a World ahead our time.

5 Rain

Imagine a grey to dark, rainy Sunday afternoon, nothing to do, not really ready for the Week to come yet, cuddle close with your lover and just chill and dream of big clouds, torn apart by a cleansing bright sun.

6 Submissive

Ahh, ehm, Sex, Drugs, Phantasies, Bondage. An Ode to the beauty of Human bodys, not there minds! The Piano strokes the innocent Face of a sweet Girl or Boy, to prepare it for the rather dirty thing Humans do when they're horny.

7 Sunday

Yeah and that is the other sort of Sunday, when you partied all Weekend long without sleep and you brain, or Body starts to separed to his own Ego. Hypnotising Track with Robot voices made out of beatz.

8 The new beginning

That what appears to be a distorted bass in the first part of the piece are Beatz :-) tweaked into it. A lot of chordprogression in this one, but i thought it would "look" good oposite the dirt. And still, everybody can hum another melodie on top of the beast.

9 Trill me

A rather cheeky piece with a few unexpected changes in it.  It is a sexy dance track to spin all your 3 axes of your body, try it. Let the Drums in the middle give your back your sense of balance, so you can shake your ass sexy to the drips that follow.

10 Big Bang Long Guitarjam

Well that is a long version of the intro track, with an uncutted Maschine Guitar, leads you in a Ferrytale world of Sounds'n Beatz and bring's you back home, save and sound. Hold through it's long, maybe fuck to it :-) Frankensnyder  


Android or Angel

Is the most beat oriented, it has among other things my first Acid Pro track, which I have programmed in the late 90's, there are also several vocal tracks and a remix of the song "Luther" from the Berlin band Katjaa. As usual with tumbling rocking drums and in the most reverberating Maschine Bass Drum.

There are also polyrhythmic shifts that are now called Minimal in Berlin, check it out in "Cherrytree".

Not to forget to mention the track "Kopf frei" wich describes a long party in the legendary underground club Ministerium für Entspannung.

Ist das Beat orientierteste, es hat unter anderm meinen ersten Acid Pro Track den ich jeh programmiert habe, hier gibt es auch mehere Vocal tracks und einen Katjaa remix. Wie gewohnt mit purzelnden Wackerstein Drums und in den allerwertesten trettenden Maschine Bass Drum. 

Zu finden sind auch polyrhythmische Verschiebungen die man nun in Berlin Minimal nennt, check it out in Cherrytree.


Der Sinn des Lebens

"The Meaning of Life" / der Sinn des Lebens", is the very first Die Energiemsachine album, i was annoyed by the extremely boring music that was played everywhere, you had to get a bucket of drugs into your systhem to celebrate, not to speak of dancing to it. 'The Meaning of Life' was my answer to Psy Trance, Goa and whatever else they thought to be great genres in this time. Usaly the same 4 to the floor, shifting your body weight from one leg to the other but never reaching your ass up to this day.

As a rock musician it needed something else and that's the result, produced with the intention of not needing drugs when celebrating or dancing with it. This is my kind of Techno, or Electronic Music, i call it Industrial Sci-Fi Techno.

"Der Sinn des Lebens" Ist das allererste Maschine Album, ich war genervt von der äusserst langweiligen Musik die überall aufgelegt wurde,  man musste sich erst einen Eimer Drogen reinziehen um damit feiern, geschweige denn dazu tanzen zu können. 'Der Sinn des Lebens' war meine Antwort auf Psy Trance, Goa und was man sich sonst für tolle Genres ausdachte für die selben 4 to the Floor, mit denen man sein Körpergewicht von einem Bein auf das ander verlagerte, bis zum heutigen Tag.

Als Rock Musiker brauchte es da etwas anderes und das ist das Resultat, mit der Absicht produziert worden, keine Drogen zu brauchen wenn man damit feiern, oder tanzen will.

Ich tanz für Dich


The quiet of the four, with one of my favorite versions of the 'meaning of life', that was incidentally the opening track on the "Beatz and Paint" show in Zapata Berlin, played life by Feelya Frankensnyder.

Das Ruhige von den Vieren, mit einer meiner Lieblingsversionen vom 'Sinn des Lebens', das war übrigens der opening Track bei Beatz and Paint im Zapata Berlin, von Feelya Frankensnyder life gespielt.